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Express Service

Tired of losing your customers to after-market Quick Lubes? The industry has set the bar for change: fewer repairs, simpler maintenance services, and longer service intervals. For long term survival, a new business model is needed. Dealership Express Service addresses all these issues and more.

  • Reduce your oil change time to less than 30 minutes
  • Offer your customers convenience, alongside the expertise of the dealership
  • Focus on process. No size increase needed. No bricks, no mortar, no problem!
  • Increase productivity while decreasing main shop congestion
  • Boost labor and parts sales

What can Express Service do for my dealership?

Besides reducing cycle time and increasing customer convenience, Express Service can have phenomenal results in profitability, increased sales, customer volume, and showroom traffic. Our experience has shown that up to 50% of vehicles in the average dealership service operation could be handled through an expedited service process. In addition to the volume aspect, Express Service can drastically improve productivity and sales for the main shop. Our customers typically experience a successful “up-sell lift” in parts and labor sales on 65% of Express Service repair orders. Additionally, an Express Lane bay can sell:

  • 3 times more tires
  • 4 times more batteries
  • 6 times more wiper blades
  • 7 times more air filters

Service Operations Specialists is THE authority for dealership express service.

The elite staff of Service Operations Specialists are the leading experts for implementing express service in the dealership. With extensive knowledge and years of experience, we understand this new business model and how to make it successful in your dealership. We offer a full spectrum of assistance, including:

  • Express market and potential analysis
  • Process design and development
  • Implementation services
  • Express technician training
  • Express advisor training
  • Management training and support
  • Comprehensive follow-up

Our advanced model requires no increase in shop size; we work within your existing facility. On-site visits to your dealership help us tailor the program to your unique needs. Beyond just providing advice, our elite team of specialists “walk the talk”; they roll up their sleeves and work side-by-side with your staff-- managers, advisors, and technicians-- to set-up, train, and manage the express service operation. Comprehensive follow-up visits ensure that the express process continues to run smoothly.

Let us help you find success in this new market!