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Corporate Services

Our clients count on our diverse experience, extensive market research, and dealership operations know-how to address the current market. We are unique in our field because we offer a complete development model: we design strategic programs, develop training, teach the classes, and consult in the dealership.

This complete approach allows us to take a program from the early development stages to the point of implementation in the dealership. Our lean structure allows us to be cost effective and time efficient in delivering quality solutions to our clients.

We have extensive experience working with automobile manufacturers both at the corporate/strategic level and with the field force. We have developed very successful models for making broad and impacting change at the dealership level. Our experience involves Domestic, European Imports, and Asian Imports.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Production/capacity management--increasing dealership production without new facilities.
  • Service sales growth--increasing service sales without sacrificing ethics.
  • CSI--increasing and maintaining CSI at the dealership level with some unique techniques.
  • Express service / competitive market penetration--designing and implementing the business model that allow dealers to compete for the maintenance customers.

We offer a broad line of assistance including:

  • Development of operating guidelines for dealerships.
  • In-dealership consulting for strategic initiatives.
  • Development/design of training for both retail and field personnel.
  • Facilitation of field workshops, retail workshops, and in-dealership training.
  • Field personnel support with meetings and dealership consuting skills.
  • Network structure and performance improvement initiatives.
  • Customized Training Solutions.
  • Dealership and Network Architectural Services.