The Future of Fixed Operations

Since 1999, both dealers and manufacturers have trusted Service Operations Specialists to help them achieve the full potential of their service departments. These twenty years have seen some of the most adverse market conditions the industry has ever experienced. As an industry leader, Service Operations Specialists foresaw many of these looming challenges and developed comprehensive solutions targeted at this rapidly changing business environment.


This New Market Has Created Enormous Challenges:

To meet these challenges head-on, we must:

 Produce more work without increasing the size or cost of the facility.
 Control the cost of labor.
 Retain and increase light and medium maintenance services to off-set decreasing repair work.
 Compete aggressively with aftermarket retailers, particularly the "quick service" business.
 Provide a consistent and stable profit stream for the dealership.
 Create a level of owner loyalty that keeps customers coming back for all their vehicle service needs.

The Modern Service Department™

Service Operations Specialists has developed a unique approach with the Modern Service Department™ business model.  Because no two manufacturers or dealerships are the same, we provide a customized approach to implementation.  This includes a wide array of services tailored to your specific needs, which may include:


  Business Model Development.
  Strategic Planning.
  Training Solutions—hands-on and classroom.
  Facility Design assistance.
  Retail Network and Distribution design.

Modern service Department

To ensure Manufacturer’s and their Dealers can attract and retain customers, in a profitable manner, in a dramatically changing retail environment.

The industry is facing never before seen challenges, including:

• Increased quality which has drastically reduced repair occurrence
• Product design and manufacturing that has eliminated a significant amount of maintenance
• Extended maintenance intervals that have further reduced customer pay visits
• Technology advancements that continue to shrink diagnostic work
• Long-term impact of self-driving vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles that will require an all-new approach to the sales and service business model.

Service Operations Specialists continually examines changes in consumer behavior, technological advancements, political and legislative events, and societal trends to address transportation needs in an innovative and effective manner.

Performance Stats


TOTAL SALES $34,403.93

Express Service Grows By
Every 6 Months
Closing Ratio
On Service Sales
express stores sell
additional lines or work
of the entire shop work
created in express service bays