Our team of specialists conducts an in-depth analysis of your market, resources, processes, people, and facility.

Is Your Service Department Ready For The Future?

Partner with Service Operation Specialists to get you there now!

Today's dealership service departments face unprecedented challenges in retaining customers.  You need a strong strategy for meeting their demands, particularly with so many aggressive aftermarket competitors.  Our years of experience in fixed-operations, coupled with our innovative approach helps you target and focus your efforts to retain customers, improve efficiency, and build profitability.

You already work hard; let us show you how to invest that energy where it will have the most impact.  Our team of specialists conducts an in-depth analysis of your market, resources, processes, people, and facility.

Our services go well beyond the typical consulting model of identifying problems and handing you a “20-page report in a pretty plastic binder.”  Too many companies focus on one specific area—we examine the big picture. We study your customers and your market, analyze your operation, form a strategic plan of action, and then roll up our sleeves to help you put it into practice.

Pinpointing Opportunities

At Service Operations Specialists, we begin by identifying your "high-value targets" that will have maximum impact on increasing sales, producing more work, and satisfying customers.

Our intensive and multi-faceted examination includes:

  • On-site observation of the service operation
  • Capacity and market potential analysis
  • Review of performance data—CSI, repair order survey, etc.
  • Review of financial data and DMS reports
  • Interviews with key service personnel
  • Telephone mystery shopping.

Once the analysis is complete, we present the findings to you, along with recommended actions.  We help you determine implementation priority and lay out a game plan.  After the strategic planning, we can offer specialized training customized to your specific situation and goals.

Utilizing Your Current Assets

Our strategies focus on maximizing dealership’s production with limited facility resources.  We won't tell you to build a new service department; we help you use the facilities you currently have in a more targeted way.  We build better processes, techniques, and utilize a streamlined business model to reduce your lost time and grow the shop's output.  We help you work smarter, not harder!

The new business model will help attract new customers away from the competition, further increasing profit opportunities.